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My name is Joanna and on the blog I share my passion for Greece.

I describe the most beautiful places and create subjective guides to the Greek islands and the mainland. I am writing about how to travel without spending a fortune and advice on how to organize trips to Greece on your own. I am happy to discover and show places off the beaten tourist routes. The north of Greece is especially close to my heart.

During my trip, I combine my passion for Greece with sport and an ecological lifestyle. I am happy to share with my readers tips on how to be eco and fit while traveling.

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Let's work together! is at the forefront of the most popular blogs about Greece in Poland.

Readers visiting my website find here a lot of travel inspiration, advice and information about Greece.

You like my blog and you have an idea for a joint project? Feel free to contact me.

I am open to various forms of cooperation and I will be happy to share my knowledge about Greece, active lifestyle and eco travel.

Do you have an idea for cooperation? Write to me! 

Let’s work together.

Things I can offer:


Traveling to Greece and discovering new places, especially those off the beaten track, is my specialty. If you are interested in promoting a specific region of Greece and its tourist attractions, I will be happy to visit it and share an honest, comprehensive report on my blog and Instagram.


I love writing, the best proof of which is my blog. I will be happy to write for you a text about interesting places in Greece, organizing travel, Greek culture or an active lifestyle. I know how to write so that the text arouses the reader’s interest and is friendly to the Google search engine.


Trips to Greece are my specialty and I am happy to share them with my readers. I would love to visit any tourist attractions, hotel, restaurant or the region you promote. I will share my impressions and experiences on the blog and on Instagram. I will be happy to recommend the tested places to my recipients.


I like testing new things and services. I am especially eager to reach for those that facilitate independent traveling, being fit while traveling and an ecological lifestyle. 

I will be happy to try your product related to Greece, active lifestyle, eco travel and technological innovations. I will thoroughly test the product and write an honest review on the blog and recommend it on my Instagram.


Are you looking for a person for long-term cooperation for your brand? I am eager to get acquainted with your offer.

If I like your product / service or program, I will be happy to become a patron or ambassador of your brand. I believe that together we can implement interesting ideas and strategies to promote your company.


Physical activity while traveling and a healthy lifestyle are an important aspect of my trips, which I share on the blog. If you have a product that makes it easier to play sports while traveling, I would love to get to know it and share it with my readers. My specialty is fitness. 

So if you have a gym or other sports facility that you want to promote, I will be happy to visit it and show it on my blog and Instagram.


During my trips, I put special emphasis on ecological traveling and less waste. I also encourage my readers to do so. So if you have a product that helps to reduce plastic and take care of the environment while traveling, I will be happy to read it and recommend it on my blog and Instagram.


Apart from adding posts to on a regular basis, I am in contact with my followers on Instagram on a daily basis. We create a committed community there, focused around travel and Greece. I regularly publish valuable posts and daily stories with interesting facts about Greece.


Recently, the website has been enriched with an online store. I offer products that are compatible with my lifestyle and tested by me. I want to provide my customers with products of brands that focus on ecology and support the local market. I am particularly interested in news that facilitates eco travel and an active lifestyle.

If you have this type of product and you are interested in a new sales channel, I will gladly add it to my online store.


I am open to new projects and interesting initiatives that will be interesting and valuable for my readers.

Do you have an idea for a joint project?

Or maybe you have a product or service related to Greece, eco travel or an active lifestyle, but you are not sure what our cooperation could look like?

Write to me at:

Let’s talk and we will definitely come up with something special together! I approach each cooperation individually and propose interesting solutions.

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Θέλετε να ξεκινήσετε να εργάζεστε με ένα blog για την Ελλάδα; Θέλετε να προωθήσετε τους τουριστικούς προορισμούς ή τα προϊόντα σας; Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου και θα αναζητήσουμε την τέλεια λύση για εσάς.

Wenn Sie einen ehrlichen Partner für eine Blogger Kooperation suchen, sind Sie hier total richtig! Schauen Sie sich bitte an was ich für Sie tun kann und zügern Sie bitte nicht mich zu kontaktieren.

Chcesz rozpocząć współpracę z blogiem o Grecji? Chcesz promować swoje destynacje turystyczne lub produkty? Skontaktuj się ze mną a poszukamy idealnego rozwiązania dla Ciebie.  

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